Ya Really Gotta Want It

coral-palm-2016-03-06-15-26-01-_f8a5438What’s your dream? And what’s the difference between a dream and a goal?

We all day dream. Most are just pleasant ways to pass time, escape reality.

But some daydreams grab us, excite us. We just know they are (or could be) something more — they are in some way important to us. coral-palm-2016-03-29-10-59-31-_f8a5522

Maybe it is a person you want to meet. Do you know someone who knows him or her? Maybe it is a place you want to go. Do you know someone else who has been there? Maybe it is something you want to do. Do you have to skills to do it or do you have to acquire them?

Where are you in the daydream spectrum?  coral-palm-2016-03-29-11-08-00-_f8a5523

• Maybe vaguely unsatisfied with something? Clarify what you  want, not just what you don’t want. For example, if your job sucks, what is it you really want to do or what are you good at? Do you want to work for someone else or  for yourself? Do you know others who have what looks like a  decent job and have you asked them what their job entails?

• If you are wanting to change something, are you just thinking about it or do you know what you want and why? When do you want it? Who can help you? Who do you want to share it with?  Do you know where you want it? Do you have a plan for how to make it happen? coral-palm-2016-04-05-06-08-39-_f8a5575

If you are just thinking about following through on a dream, write down exactly what your dream is and all the who, what, why,  where, when, and how’s of it.

For example, maybe I want to run a particular 5K race in my town next year. Have I raced before? Do I just want to complete such a race or do I want to win it? What is my previous running experience? How much time is there before the race? How much time am I willing to put into practice to get into shape, if I am not already? Will the race keep me from other commitments or activities? Am I racing for some special charity and/or for myself and my health? Should I get checked out by a health professional before training and/or running in the official race? Where am I going to practice? Is there a running group or a friend that I might practice with? Is there a registration fee and a deadline for registration? If the race is out of town, do I need to make overnight hotel arrangements? Do I have the proper running gear? coral-palm-2016-05-03-12-21-40-_fca5587

It is important to be as specific as possible about your day dream so that you can turn that day dream into a goal and put together a plan that will lead you to success.

We’ll talk more about turning a dream into reality in the next few posts. Do you have a daydream that really grabs you? What is it?

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