Why Write My Dream Down?

We suggested that you write your dream down.


To see if it is ready to act upon!

Checklist for Turning Dream Into Reality: Write down all the answers to the questions below.

What is your dream? Write it down in as much specificity as you can.

Why do you want it? This will help remind you when things get tough as you move ahead. Write down both the pros and cons of your action and explore them with your friends and acquaintances.

When do you want it to happen? If your dream needs to be broken down into steps, this is the place to do it. This will help you plan how much time to spend on each step.

Breaking a big dream down helps us make the tasks involved seem more realistic and helps us estimate how much time we’ll need to accomplish our goal.

Put an estimate of the time, money, scope, and people needed to accomplish each step.

Where do you want it to happen? If your dream needs to happen in a place different from where you are now, you need to add the step of moving to the new location as something that you must have in your plan.

Who will you ask to help? If your dream needs other people to act, then enlisting their help should be part of your plan.

Who do you want to share the dream with? If your dream is to spend some future time with someone else doing something else, this is an integral part of dreaming, not just doing. Start the conversation and dreaming with the someone else as soon as possible.

How will you make it happen? (This is your plan.) Write down the plan in as much detail as possible.

What are the unknowns? How will you get information to answer the unknowns? Can you still act even though you don’t have answers to all the unknowns?

Having Unknowns Does Not Mean Don’t Act

Getting answers to unknowns may be a significant part of your plan. This includes finding people that you will ask to help as you find them, or dreaming with those whom you want to share the dream. Are you ready to blast off?


We’ll talk about each of the items on the checklist in our future blogs. Hang in there.

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