If I Don’t Start First Thing in the Morning…

Die-hard procrastinators: I put off everything. Good thing I am married and he’s still alive. I would put off getting up in the morning.

Mark Twain said

“Eat a live frog first thing in the morning and nothing worse will happen to you the rest of the day.”


Sunrise in our “front yard”

I would never start anything that I’m putting off (translation: something I need to do but don’t want to do) if I didn’t start doing it first thing in the morning. These are my frogs. And I’m not a morning person. I always vow to myself to start later when I wake up (i.e. in the afternoon), but something always comes up or I am having fun doing something else. And I forget. Sound familiar? Hmm, the frog’s still there. Oh well, he can hop about until tomorrow. Or if the frog has a deadline associated with it, I believe I can put it off until the last minute and still meet the deadline. Ah, yes, been there, done that…


Moon Rise in our “front yard”

So there are things I do to accomplish anything:

Institutionalize certain tasks first thing in the morning:

  1. Make bed
  2. Shower

Institutionalize certain tasks last thing at night:

Make list of to do’s for the next day — things that must be done, no matter how unpleasant in anticipation — my frogs

  1. Make list of goals just to remind myself what they are and big picture how I’m doing in achieving them — at least one of item 1 had better be getting me to item 2!


    What’s your dream? What’s your goal?


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