There’s a Storm Comin’

As is our usual habit, we ate lunch out today on the balcony overlooking the Atlantic Ocean. There’s usually a strong breeze and always a beautiful sky even when it is threatening to storm. Today, sun overhead, wispy mare’s tails clouds, and a stronger-than-normal surf. Hurricane Matthew is tearing Haiti and Cuba apart and threading its way through the islands probably heading our way. We have checked into the NOAA weather site for national and town weather and our county emergency site for advice and weather updates. coral-palm-2016-02-01-07-46-39-_f8a5293

We kept our central Florida double-wide and will probably bug out there tomorrow morning. Even if our condo is safe, there may be flooding on the ground floor where we house our cars, and probably loss of electricity (water, air conditioning, refrigeration, and elevator), so we might as well get out while we can and come back when it is over, whatever “it” turns out to be.

Our list of what to take is short: our dog, our prescriptions, and our computers. Dear Husband is taking photos now of what interior looks like in case the worst happens and we have to go to the insurance company and make a claim.


If we were to stay here, we’d want enough food and water for 3 days, batteries to run whatever we’d want to run, and still be prepared for no refrigeration, no air conditioning, and no elevator. Other people here in the condo have weathered other similar hurricanes and not had much trouble, but we think we’d be better getting away from it all.

The point is to have a plan, and try to do something towards following the plan everyday. It’s a little like following a goal. Tiny steps if you’ve got the time. Big steps if you don’t. Be safe out there!coralpalm-20160816-20-04-39

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