We’re Baaaack

We evacuated our Atlantic Ocean-front condo Wednesday October 5, leaving the place to Hurricane Matthew. Dear Husband and I each drove a car to our central Florida double-wide in Grand Island about 2 1/2 hours away from our beach-front condo and 60 miles northwest of Orlando, hoping Matthew wouldn’t do us too much damage there. We were spared the worst in both places. Thank God!coral-palm-2016-04-16-17-09-53-_f8a5611

We came back to our condo yesterday, Sunday, October 9 to an almost fully functioning unit. We had water, electricity, and even electric garage doors opening on the ground level. The only evidence of Matthew is one of our roof-top air handlers not cooling the back of the unit, for which we are waiting for the air conditioner repair crew to appear today. All in all not bad, really.

Up north a little, Matthew did quite a number where he hit during high tide, washing out the road in Flagler Beach. We were fortunate that he hit during low tide at our location. We didn’t even lose power in Central Florida.


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Facebook has a great feature that allowed us with a single button to let everyone know that we were safe and secure inland. We invited another couple up in Cocoa Beach to come inland and stay with us. They did, and we four ate our way through the weather reports on TV as the storm progressed up the Atlantic Coast. We even went out to restaurants twice. Both of us couples brought whatever we thought might spoil in an unrefrigerated space while we were gone, so we had a lot to eat. Fruit, milk, and such. Healthy eating for the most part, but nervous eating too, so we all ate too much.

We hope you all were safe and sound and came through the other end, if exposed to Matthew or not. Nothing new to report, except high seas and windy conditions still on this edge of the ocean…coral-palm-2016-01-31-06-51-19-_f8a5272

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