Humor Amid the Panic

As Hurricane Matthew churned out in the Atlantic last week, we made preparations to go inland to get out of its way. We had a cooler which we loaded with those items that wouldn’t keep if the electricity went off. We put ice from the ice-maker in plastic bags to keep the food cool and headed west.

Our neighbors, however, had to go to the grocery store before heading out, and this is what they encountered: long lines and empty shelves. hurricane_matthew_palm_beach_county-8_0Apparently, when a disaster is eminent, all bread, milk, diaper, and pet food suppliers shut down for 6 months and every shopper is aware of this, so instead of buying just a loaf of bread and a gallon of milk, they stock up for the next few months because they know they will be without for – maybe – eons.coral-palm-2016-08-18-20-26-44-_fca6548-edit

Well, maybe there is some truth to this belief, because when it was time to go back to the coast, we went to the grocery store (actually several of them) and they were all out of the ice we needed to chill our cooler and its contents to go home again (even though there was never even any power loss where we were). Ha! Foiled you say? No. I just took out some screw-on bottles of soda and water, emptied a little out of each bottle, and stuck them in the freezer. I then had ice to chill the cooler and its contents for the drive back to the coast.

We thought outside the grocery box.storm-20160809-17-52-38

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