Storms & Thoughts

As another hurricane stalls on the Eastern Seaboard after this beautiful Labor Day, we are staring at another sunny sky over us and feeling the slightest tinge of cooler breeze up here on the east-facing balcony. How’s your weather where you are? We have a southern balcony to retreat to when we need the sun to warm us, but not yet…


Atlas V Rocket daytime blast off

I’ve been using a walker-rollator for the last few years after a back operation that didn’t quite catch a dropped foot. My left foot often went numb and I didn’t have the balance I used to have; hence, the rollator. Recently though, I have become aware that I can even feel when my toenails need trimming. So I asked our doctor for referral to a physical therapist to get my balance back so maybe I can maybe go without the rollator.


Parasailing takes a huge amount of upper body strength

After a couple of weeks of exercises, etc., therapist recommended that I get rid of all my Crocs because they were not supporting my feet properly. I have severely crossed toes so I was worried about finding a shoe that would not hurt. Found a sneaker by Apex that feels great and have ordered another pair. They have a very deep toe box and extra wide width, so look for them if you need similar space in a shoe. I found mine on and they have free shipping. Do you have trouble finding a shoe that doesn’t hurt?


Storm over the ocean

I procrastinate on physical therapy too. Twice a week, right? Well, give me Friday (last day to choose from) and I can’t go on adjoining days, so Thursday is out, and that leaves Wednesday for the next to the last day. Not Monday, not Tuesday; they are too early in the week!

Strange that our move from Maryland to Florida was not fraught with my procrastination. Perhaps it was because it was a partnership with Dear Husband. I didn’t want to let him down and I knew he couldn’t do it alone.

It took me 40 years of marriage before I started making our bed every day. We now have Sunday chores chiseled into my consciousness and I don’t put those items off. Having a schedule does help. But I have certain tasks and hobbies on my “to do” list that have been on there ever since we moved (in January of this year). I know it is something about that I can get away with the delay. The item is for me and for no one else, so it can be put off. What’s on your “to do” list that you are procrastinating on and putting off?

Beach Bliss

We stayed overnight with friends up in Cocoa Beach last February 2015 and had a mind-changing epiphany — that we wanted to live the rest of our lives on the beach! It took the rest of 2015 to make it happen, but make it happen, we did. It was probably the largest effort we had undertaken in years. Have you ever gone after something you really wanted that took a while to get?

Coral Palm  2016-01-31  06-48-00 _F8A5267

Sunrise from our balcony

It is about 4 in the afternoon. We are on an 8th floor balcony overlooking the Atlantic Sea Coast. You can imagine the sights: waves rolling in, sunbathers, swimmers, surf boarders, and occasionally a surf fisherman. We eat out on the balcony nearly every lunch time, even in July and August.

Coral Palm  2016-02-22  20-41-32 _F8A5314

Moonrise over the Ocean

We’ve only lived here since late January 2016, and we are slowly getting the hang of it. Even if it is hot down at ground level, it tends to be quite comfortable up on the balcony because of a consistent wind, sometimes quite strong.

Even though we face east (think morning sunrise), we often see colors in the eastern sky from the western sunset reflecting off the ocean and clouds.

Coral Palm 2016-04-28  11-10-35 _F8A5674

Sundog (?) over Ocean

Even though we also face south, we now notice that the summer sun tends to run more northerly in the summer so our building that squares with the four geographical directions is lightly shady on the sound side during the summer, whereas our neighbors with northern exposures have sunny balconies right now. Interesting and something we had asked about before we bought our current home, but were not exactly assured as to which direction(s) to face for best comfort.

Coral Palm 2016-04-23  16-50-21 _F8A5636-Edit

Fish Hawk (Osprey) Hunting

We’re obviously enjoying the benefits of our efforts now. Would we have done it if we’d known what we were getting into? Yes, definitely. All the work was definitely worth it. But the biggest decision that we made was not just to decide to do it, but to believe that we COULD do it. Have you ever found that to be the case — that you needed to have the right attitude about what you wanted to accomplish? If so, tell us about it!

Hello and Welcome!

Hello and Welcome to my blog. We’re trying to talk with you, not at you, so we put in bold and italics the questions and musings we most want feedback from you.

I love writing text books and similar instructional guides and my dear husband loves photography. It all comes together here.

We just moved to Florida full time and absolutely love it here! Now that we are settled in, we thought we would share with you our favorite stuff about this place and chat with others near and far in some detail. It’s hard to set up a dialogue or group chat just on Facebook or Twitter that can explore a subject in any depth. So here we are! Hoping to hear from you…tell us about yourself.

Florida 2013 Merritt Island 21

Emeralda Marsh in Central Florida is managed by the St Johns River Water Management District

We lived 45 years up north in Maryland. Wonderful place, warm folks, great opportunities. Washington DC ‘burbs – about 18 miles from the zero mile marker at the Washington Monument (?).

Anyone out there from there now or in the past? We lived in Gaithersburg first, then Derwood, then in Potomac. Beautiful countryside and our backyard garden, well,…

Beall Spring Garden 171 CSB_5733

These are German iris from our back yard. They smell of caramel! Fleeting Architecture is the name of my blog from many years ago.

We though we would just age in place, stay in our home of almost 40 years and live blissfully in a garden out back of it. My blog at the time was “Fleeting Architecture” and mainly about our garden and aging in place in the garden.

Dear Husband really hates winter, though. When my parents passed away, they left us a little double-wide manufactured home (a trailer really) in Central Florida not far from the famous Villages (have you seen the articles about their 90 miles of golf cart paths and customized golf carts?)that we used from January through March each year to escape winter. Do any of you escape the heat of summer or cold of winter to some same special place every year? Are any of you familiar with the Villages or live in Central Florida?

One of our dearest friends moved himself and his wife (the latter kicking and screaming all the while) to the Atlantic Coast of Florida, about 2 hours away from our Central Florida get away and invited us to their new condo beach side. We brought our pup and stayed overnight. Wow! We were blown away. The sights, the sounds, the breeze, the birds. We didn’t want to leave. In the 24 hours there, we discovered a whole new world. We didn’t have bugs. We didn’t have cold (and it was February). We had birds flying by at eye level. Almost unbelievable. We could walk down to an in-ground pool or go a few more feet to put our feet in the surf. You can live here? Even the pup liked it. Have you ever had a day that was so perfect you had to pinch yourself to convince yourself that it was real?

So we went back to Maryland, found a real estate team to help us unload the old homestead, got an auction house to help us unload as much as possible of everything inside and outside the old homestead, and nagged our friends and family to take whatever they wanted and load up their cars, vans, and trucks with loads for Salvation Army, Goodwill, the dump, etc.

We took 3 months to empty the place (April through June) and moved back to our Central Florida snow-bird place while our real estate team showed the place off and took care of all the details of selling, which ultimately took 6 more months. We settled on the sale Dec 30 and found our paradise on the Atlantic coast of Florida Jan 6 this year. We moved in Jan 29 and have been here ever since. We have so many people to thank for making it possible! Most of them are now up north in Maryland and we miss them. But, boy do we have a great place for them to stay when they come south! Have you ever had a big job to do, now that it’s all over, that you can’t believe how lucky and blessed you were by all those around you? Tell us about it.

We’re in our 70’s and don’t plan to make such a momentous move again, but we made so many mistakes and so many “good moves” that we want to share the learnings with others — sort of a “pay it forward” from all those who made this possible. What do you think of our idea of putting a book out about how we turned our dream of moving to the beach into a goal and then into reality?